Idea Behind Aangadia

A unique concept
to upbring
common people

Idea behind Aangadia

The Aangadia concept came about due to the vision of Mr. Anand Rai whose dream was the upbringing of a common man by bringing self-reliance among them.

He hailed from a poor background and once worked as a Field Executive but with his hard work and unfailing dedication rose to the ranks of Country Head in a major Logistics Company.

His aspiration was to create young entrepreneurs driven by technology & bring respect & recognition in the lowest rung of the society with focus on the Field executives as they are the most underrated members of the logistics industry with hand to mouth existence forever dealing with their daily hardships.

After all, he had seen it all being a FE himself and Aangadia came through to fulfill the vision to empower the common man who is an FE in the supply chain industry.