Restricted Items



Explosive substances and articles (Like fireworks or flares)
Flammable gas (Like aerosols or camping gas)
Non-flammable gas (Like compressed oxygen)
Toxic gas (Like oxygen difluoride)
Flammable liquids (Like solvents or paints)
Flammable solids (Like matches)
Substances liable to spontaneous combustion (Like phosphorus)
Substances that emit flammable gases when in water (Like calcium carbide)
Oxidising substances (Like fertilizer)
Organic peroxides (Like fibreglass repair kits)
Toxic substances (Like pesticides)
Infectious substances (Like blood tests or medical trials)
Radioactive material (Like smoke detectors)
Corrosive substances (Like bleach or drain cleaner)
Miscellaneous (Like bleach or drain cleaner)